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I founded The Briefing with the sole purpose to provide the reader with key information on Athens Stock Exchange (ASE). Given that the market has nothing similar to offer, The Briefing aims to appropriately make use of insights that will help you achieve maximum results.

The content of the newsletter is easily understood and no prior financial knowledge is required. Furthermore, every option you receive will be objective, without any personal benefit.

Right after you’ve subscribed to The Briefing you will be able to daily:

  • See the minimum percentage that the stocks will fluctuate from the prices that are displayed in the email.
  • Being informed for options including Day Trading, Swing Trading & Position Trading. The table below refers in detail to the timeline of each position.

Day trading Short-term 1 day max - do not hold positions overnight
Swing trading Short/medium-term Several days, sometimes weeks
Position trading Long-term Weeks, months, years

  • Lastly, get all that information delivered before the opening of the market, having an important head start, regarding how the daily session will unroll, compared to others.

About Nikos Lenakis

Having more than a decade of experience, I’ve realized that technical analysis, web articles and stock recommendations from financial institutions can not offer anything more than marginal or zero returns.

So, I decided to steer away from the conventional path and developed my own custom software in conjunction with Fundamentals Analysis. Thereafter, this is how my stocks endorsements occur.

If you’re interested in receiving meaningful information regarding ASE, The Briefing will daily provide you with whatever you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any services other than The Briefing? Apart from The Briefing, I have created NLportfolio.gr where I offer full access to my Portfolio. There, you will be able to see when and which stocks I buy or short.

Can I directly contact you? nikoslenakis@gmail.com+306980800563linkedin.com/in/nikos-lenakis-2a1928178